K40 RL360i 360 degree installed radar

360º of high-performance stealth installed protection


K40 has been making the most advanced radar detectors in the world since 1981 and it’s finally available in New Zealand.


The RL360i is a fully installed 360′ radar detector with front and rear sensors.  The only other systems available in New Zealand with front and rear detection AND indication is a high-end Stinger VIP with front and rear antenna (approx. $10k) or the newcomer Genevo Pro NZ.   The K40 RL360i has established itself as a reliable “no frills” alternative in New Zealand.

** Installation NOT Included **

The K40 RL360i has radar detector heads at both the front and rear of the vehicle with a clear but near-invisible indication of exactly where the police radar threat is, be it in front oncoming or behind following you.  No messy controllers on the dash, nothing to even suggest you have a radar detector installed.  It’s so discreet it could be factory!

More info at www.K40.co.nz or www.K40.com

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