Stinger VIP radar detectors in New Zealand

Why Stinger?

The Stinger VIP radar detector is simply the most advanced radar protection system available in New Zealand.

The GPS database comes preloaded with all of the known fixed speed camera locations around New Zealand, plus it will give the most advanced warning on speed camera vans and police patrol cars while virtually eliminating false alerts – faster. Undetectable, and virtually invisible in your car as well with the patch antenna hidden inside the front grill.  Similarly, the display can be in full view and easy to access, or carefully installed in a hidden location allowing you to make full use of the Singer’s vocal feedback options.

Stinger VIP

Available now exclusively at Rapid Radio

0800 746637

Stinger VIP radar detectors are programmed for New Zealand with:

  • New Zealand GPS database
  • New Zealand support
  • New Zealand warranty
  • no parallel imported product
  • the most experienced Stinger installation team
  • Direct support from Stinger’s head office (Holland)

Nobody else in New Zealand can offer this with the proper backing and support of Stinger.

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Stinger VIP radar in New Zealand

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