K40 RL200i stealth radar detector


K40 radar now available in New Zealand with custom-installed protection


** Installation required **

The RL200i K40 radar detector embodies the same attributes we set out to define as industry standards when we introduced the world’s first remote, custom installed radar detector in 1983.

Performance. Convenience. Flexibility.

You’ll drive with full confidence knowing you’re protected from police radar threats by the highest performance front detection system available. All the while, your driving experience will be enhanced with features like an automatic K-Band filter and Mark to Mute option that rejects or silence annoying false alerts, as well as Mark to Alert option to notify you of important locations – such as a red light camera – where increased observation vigilance is desired.

If you want to expand your system’s protection capabilities with lightning fast firepower, you can add up to four laser jammers for the most advanced shield of defence against front targeted police threats.

K-Band Filter — An advanced, automatic filtering technology that intelligently recognises and rejects radar-based safety features (such as adaptive cruise control or blind spot assist) in other vehicles so you can remain focused on real radar threats.

Traffic Sensor Filter — The RL200i will reject alerts from traffic flow sensors usually encountered during highway driving.

OEM-like Visual and Auditory Alerts — The RL200i retains the OEM appearance of a vehicle’s interior by strategically hiding a miniature alert LED in the instrument cluster and and a audio speaker under the dash. It’s a completely undetectable protection system until the RL200i warns you based on your preferred settings. Choose from five customizable LED brightness settings, voice alerts, tone alerts, or muted audio.

System Control Options:

  • Wireless Remote Control (standard)
    The key fob sized wireless remote lets you control everything from the brightness of the alert LED to the system’s mute settings and GPS features. Change selections with a single click and the K40 logo flashes red to indicate button activity. When finished with use, you can hide the remote control in an interior storage area or leave it attached to a sun visor via the supplied clip.
  • Expert Control Unit (optional)
    The ultimate in OEM style and convenience! This permanently installed, yet easily concealed component puts control of system settings and functions in a fingertip reach location. The Expert Control Unit looks and functions just like factory vehicle controls and is backlit for easy button identification in low light conditions. Available only through specialist dealers.

GPS FEATURES – The RL200i offers you 13 customizable settings, including GPS features such as:

  • Mark to Mute – Mute the audible warning of false, non-police radar locations you regularly travel past with a simple button push.
  • Quiet Ride – Mute alerts under a pre-selected speed.  Eliminates alerts when you plan to drive near, at or below the posted speed limit.
  • Mark to Alert – Mark Dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones, and red light cameras.
  • Speed Monitor – Track your speed without taking your eyes off the road.


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