Genevo Pro NZ stealth remote radar detector



The Genevo Pro NZ stealth radar detector is the latest fully installed stealth radar detectors to be released in New Zealand.

Features: (when purchased from an Authorised New Zealand retailer or distributor)

  • Redflex camera compatible
  • Long-range detection
  • NZ speed camera database coming soon
  • Invisible installation
  • Online software updates for NZ via USB
  • Local NZ warranty (12 months)
  • Proven brand with a long history in Europe


The latest stealth radar detector to launch in New Zealand, with ongoing improvements and software updates.

More about Genevo Radar Detectors and the Genevo Pro NZ

Genevo sent design engineers to New Zealand to study our unique landscape and see police radar and speed cameras up close and in person.  What better way to truly understand how their product will work in this country?   To our knowledge, no other radar detector manufacturer has gone to these lengths in an effort be the best in New Zealand.

Genevo radar detectors launched in 2011 and quickly became number one with the best selling window mounted radar detector in Central Europe – Genevo One.  Genevo has continued to grow and develop with an increased international presence.  In 2015 they took on the established players such as Escort and K40 in the USA with their Radenso.  Some call it a “watered down” Genevo without any bells and no whistles, the Radenso M has no speed camera GPS database and no Redflex capabilities (used on speed cameras in New Zealand).

Just as radar manufacturers are always moving forward in an effort to build a smarter radar enforcement system, the Genevo team are already working on the next big thing, with the top-secret project predicted to be unveiled later this year (2018).


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