Beltronics GT-1 radar detector


This Beltronics radar probably should cost more.


When combined with the Escort LIVE app, the new Beltronics GT-1 is a powerful and versatile radar detector on a budget

Compact and discreet, this window mount detector does everything you need for safer driving when it comes to police radar.

Beltronics GT-1 Features

  • New antenna lens for 40% improved K/Ka sensitivity
  • Gold graphic treatment
  • Threat Display
  • Voltage display option
  • Red high-intensity LED text display
  • Auto Mute
  • Earphone jack
  • Hybrid Smartcord coiled power cord
  • Anti-falsing DSP filter
  • Selectable bands
  • 4-Levels of brightness
  • Digital Voice Alerts
  • Nylon travel case
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