Why the Valentine One (V1 Radar) is old news

In our opinion, the antiquated Valentine V1 radar detector is either:

a) Overpriced from a cost vs features perspective; or
b) Out of date; or
c) Ugly; or
d) All of the above

The Valentine One remains one of the most searched for radar detectors, yet by choice, we don’t sell them and haven’t sold one for at least ten years.

Here’s why (in our opinion)

  • The Valentine One (V1) is designed for a left-hand drive market
  • Valentine One (V1) Software updates are limited and only available at Valentine in the USA
  • There is no obvious Valentine One (V1) repair agent in New Zealand
  • There is no obvious official New Zealand distributor, meaning parallel imports are the only way to get a Valentine One (V1)
  • No GPS for fixed speed cameras on the Valentine.
  • No segmentation on K band which means it picks up everything in that band
  • No Redflex camera detection
  • The Valentine One (V1) is oversized
  • It’s just a bit ugly, and it’s not very pretty either

All of the above is just opinion, much of it based on fact. But we’re not alone.  Read the Valentine V1 review from Rady Roy, one of the most respected and referred to radar sites.


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